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  • Cooperation with University of Keele (Great Britain) within Erasmus+

    The cooperation between Belarusian State University and University of Keele within Erasmus+ has started since 2016. The subject area is mathematics.  Within the Inter-institutional agreement BSU staff members visited University of Keele to implement teaching and training mobilities (participation in Staff Training Mobility Weeks in 2018 and 2019). Also 2 Master Degree students went to Keele for 4-months studies.   

News of Belarusian State University

  1. BSU scientists are leaders in Belarus in the number of articles posted in the Scopus database and are the most cited in our country. These data were recorded by the SciVal (Scopus) analytical system of the Elsevier international publishing house of scientific and technical literature based on the results of 2013-2017. Definitely these data are used by the most authoritative international ratings of QS, THE, SIR and others by ranking universities in 2018-2019. As a rule, ratings are based on information for the previous five years data.

    SciVal analytical tool allows to get quick and easy access to the results of research activities of about 14,000 research organizations from more than 230 countries.

    According to SciVal, in the period 2013-2017, Belarusian scientists published 9,320 works in publications included in the Scopus database. The percentage of labor of BSU employees is 35% of the total. Approximately the same number of publications belong to scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and among universities in second place BSUIR. BNTU, BSMU and Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno are also presented in the SciVal system. Other Belarusian institutions have not formed a profile in SciVal.

    Also, according to SciVal, on the “citation of scientific works” parameter, the share of the BSU from the total indicator in the country is 59 %, i.e. 49,240 references. According to the indicator "The number of articles in the 10 % of the most cited" out of 1,146 works, 814 belong to BSU scientists. Identical result in the category “the number of articles included in 1 % of the most cited”, where 153 out of 207 scientific works are published under the authorship of BSU scientists.

    To maintain and improve its position in international rankings in the face of fierce competition, the BSU is implementing a long-term Road Map. It includes a set of measures to provide methodological and organizational assistance to teachers, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates in the preparation and publication of scientific articles in leading foreign journals. The University also provides material incentives for authors for publication activity in journals included in the Scopus database.

    It should be noted that in total there are more than 20 diverse world university rankings. The BSU is involved in 11 of them, including the Big Three: Shanghai, THE and QS. In the main ratings, the BSU is consistently included in 2 % of the best universities in the world.


  2. The delegation of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Academy of Sciences, headed by Vice President Rao Weiguo (PRC), visited the BSU. The purpose of the visit was negotiations on cooperation in the scientific field.

    On the part of the BSU, the meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for Science Vasily Safonov, Dean of the Faculty of Biology Vadim Demidchik, Dean of the Faculty of Physics Mikhail Tivanov, Head of the Department of Biophysics Grigory Martinovich, Head of the Department of International Relations Alexander Zhuk and Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Science Oleg Yankovsky.

    Educational and scientific activities of the BSU, as well as the main achievements of BSU scientists were presented within the framework of the meeting. The guests were also told in detail about the Department of Biophysics of the Physics Department, which is unique for Belarus.

    The talks concerned joint training of scientific personnel, conducting research on the basis of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the possibility of developing and implementing projects. The Chinese party expressed its readiness to accept up to 100 BSU students and staff for collective work in the field of biotechnology. Vice President Rao Veiguo also noted the relevance of creating a special platform for consolidating the scientific resources of BSU and the CIS countries as a whole. Acquaintance with the scientific potential of the Belarusian university continued with a visit to the Faculty of Biology.

    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Academy of Sciences was established in 1980, and represents a comprehensive research institution in the field of natural sciences. The structure includes seven institutes and centers, a botanical garden and a zoological museum, where more than 500 thousand exhibits of flora and fauna are represented. Four innovative platforms of national importance have been created on the basis of the Academy of Sciences.




  3. The delegation of the Heads of China educational institutions visited the BSU. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the educational potential of the Belarusian State University.

    On the part of the BSU, Vice-rector for economics and material and technical development Mikhail Cherepennikov, Head of the Department of International Relations Alexander Zhuk and representatives of the Republican Institute of Higher Education took part in the meeting.

    The guests were told about the educational and scientific activities of the BSU, its positions in world rankings, international cooperation in the field of training foreign students. Also, the Chinese delegation was presented the system of higher education in Belarus, in particular, they spoke about the specialties of Belarusian universities.

    The program of the international meeting also included excursions to the museums of history and geography of the BSU, a visit to the Faculty of Journalism of the BSU.




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